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Blower Door Testing

We create comfortable homes by fixing leaky ones

How leaky is your house? A blower door uses a fan to create negative pressure in your house. This causes outside air to be pulled in through gaps and cracks, making them easier to locate & fix.

What are the benefits of finding & fixing air leaks in your home?

Less energy consumption & lower utility costs.

Helps prevent moisture condensation problems.

Reduces uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from outside.

Blower door test helps determine how much ventilation is needed to improve indoor air quality.

How a blower door test works

A blower door test is used to locate air leaks in your house before and after you seal it. This special fan, mounted on the frame of an exterior door can be seen as a large machinegun that’s shooting out hot outdoorindoor ‘noise’ while simultaneously inspected each room for cracks or openings leading outsidewith pressurediaphones along its wayto measure airflowrate(answers below),the amountof timesit travelsper minute; togetherthese variables help determine whetherthere may bet stone blockersbetween two surfaces


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We test for any and all leaks. This may take a couple hours but we will make sure your home is ok.


Peace of Mind

The blower door test is a great way to determine areas in your home that need more insulation. We can recommend and provide the best solutions for treating comfort, as well as energy problems with our upgrades. We Service, Kissimmee, Orlando, Clermont, Poinciana and Davenport.

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